Live on the 8th Hole at the Pinehurst Country Club - Denver, Colorado

There is living on the golf course and LIVING on the golf course. You’ll be surrounded by
greens from every angle. Most every window you can see out offers a view of the Pinehurst
Country Club course. Wake up in the morning with a sunrise view from your bed in the primary
bedroom and soak in the final moments of the day’s sunlight from the back deck as the sun
sets across the 8th fairway with the mountains as your own permanent backdrop.


Blackstone Country Club Golf in Aurora, Colorado

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Live on the course at the Blackstone Country Club at 7595 S. Quantock Court, Aurora, Colorado

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Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional. Opportunity is what you make of it.

Change can be scary, and exciting at the same time. People are born, pass, marry, divorce, have children, receive promotions, retire, and hence move. In my twenty-plus years as a real estate broker or as I prefer to say, a real estate advisor, the one consistency among all clients is their real estate transactions were initiated by a life event. I have had the pleasure of watching clients (now friends) navigate many of life’s major events.

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Expert Forecasts on Mortgage Rates

If you’ve been thinking of buying a home, you may have been watching what’s happened with mortgage rates over the past year. It’s true they’ve risen dramatically, but where will they go from here, especially as the market continues to slow?

09/09/2022 READ MORE

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