Should You Buy a Home With Inflation This High?

Inflation will have a huge influence on where mortgage rates go in the months ahead. 

07/20/2022 READ MORE

Plant Your Roots, Picking Your Home Location

While the number of bedrooms and the size of the backyard are both important when searching for a home, location shouldn't be overlooked.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you discover the perfect location.

06/30/2022 READ MORE

More Americans Choose Real Estate as the Best Investment Than Ever Before

Americans' opinion on the value of the real estate as an investment is climbing. Even when inflation is high like today, American recognize owning a home is a powerful financial decision. 

06/23/2022 READ MORE

Fathers Day Weekend In Denver

Celebrate all the dad types in your life, from your own dad to the father of your children, your brother who's a great dad, and your friend who sets the dad bar high! This weekend is for all the amazing dads out there.

06/14/2022 READ MORE

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