Cheesman Park

Tucked away in Cap Hill’s historic neighborhood, 80 acres of unique beautiful grass built over a cemetery overlooked by the Pavillion is Cheesman Park. Walking along the outskirts of the park you will see volleyball, spikeball, frisbee, and slacklining. Cheesman is full of activities every day of the week including weddings at the Pavillion. The Pavilion is a perfect wedding venue because of its picturesque architecture surrounded by delightful flower gardens. Cheesman park offers movie nights on brisk cool summer evenings on the wide-open grassy field. Just east of the park, Denver Botanic Gardens containing a variety of theme gardens and an amphitheater that host concerts throughout the summer.  This park is located in a beautiful and popular neighborhood, located close to the state capital building and downtown Denver. Homes range from historic single-family homes to newly constructed condo buildings making for a variety of lifestyles in this tranquil residential area. 

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Confluence Park Denver

Confluence Park is one of the smaller parks but the central location draws large crowds. Encompasses the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River in Denver’s lower Downtown. With warm weather and ample sunshine, this is a perfect place to dangle your feet into the man-made white water to fish while keeping your eyes peeled for kayakers, rafters, and surfers! If you imagined you were in a landlocked state, Confluence park has so many water activities to offer to make it feel the opposite. The trail runs along both Cherry Creek and South Platte River for running and biking.  Along the river, you have a stunning view of Denver's amusement park Elitch Gardens located in the heart of the city. The park is adjacent to new up- scare townhouses, apartments, and loft developments offering a great location for nearby experiences.

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City Park

 City Park has become one of the most sought-after luxury real estate markets in Denver because of the outdoor amenities afforded by the park itself. Finding a connection to the community is what people look for when moving to a new city. Amid all of the chaos, this urban neighborhood features Jazz in the park every Sunday accompanying between 8,000 to 12,000 neighbors. Sunday evenings are lively, offering food trucks, live music from local jazz artists, and a beer garden hosted by Denver Beer Co. 

Amenities in the park include miles of walking and running next to lakeside trails, the Denver Zoo, and an 18 hole newly renovated golf course and driving range. These outdoor advantages draw a lot of attention to the middle of Denver where City Park is located. Inside the park, Ferri Lake offers paddleboarding and paddle boating,  perfect evening activities to take in the beautiful sunset with the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and the Downtown Denver Skyline. The skyline in the evening is often compared to cotton candy. The outskirts of the park will lead you to the Denver Zoo, a great place to spend afternoons with your family to see exotic animals. In the Winter the Zoo brings in a lot of attractions during the holiday season for Zoo Lights. Museum of Nature and Science is great for indoor activities along with educational IMAX movies. 

As a residential extension of the park, the neighborhood has everything you will see beautiful brick Denver squares, Bungalows, Row Homes, Luxury apartments, and Townhomes. Denver squares have been in City Park since the early 20th century. It is very easy to make renovations to these homes because they are simple squares that provide many options for remodels.

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How is Denver’s Real Estate Marketing Shaping Up Half Way Through the Year?

Let’s Look at The Numbers


Here are some more record-breaking statistics:

  • July’s inventory ended the month at 4,056 listings.  That is up 29.92% from June.  The previous low for July was in 2017 with 7,352 active listings.
  • Number of closed homes in July is down 12.3% over June with 5,820 closings.
  • The average closed price for attached and detached homes combined was $624,903 for July, the highest of any recorded July.

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