• To Sell or Not to Sell

    Rising mortgage rates and home prices plus inventory shortages are converging to create a new housing crisis for baby boomers, according to Bankrate.com (Sept. 2018.)

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  • Baby Boomers on the Move

    Colorado Springs is one of the five metro areas in which Trulia expects an inventory boom as Baby Boomers downsize (Trulia 2018.) The Springs is one of five cities nationwide with the highest percentage of homes owned by Boomers—65.9 percent. Potentially these Boomers will sell their homes and Trulia adds that while home prices have risen 10% year over year, listings from empty nesters are likely going to be attractive to younger buyers.

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  • Boomers Rewrite Retirement

    Baby Boomers are not putting their feet up. Today Boomers are more likely to start businesses than are Millennials, according to Forbes.com’s Brian Scudamore, author of “Why Baby Boomers Are Ditching Retirement To Launch Their Own Businesses.”

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