Baby Boomers on the Move

Colorado Springs is one of the five metro areas in which Trulia expects an inventory boom as Baby Boomers downsize (Trulia 2018.) The Springs is one of five cities nationwide with the highest percentage of homes owned by Boomers—65.9 percent. Potentially these Boomers will sell their homes and Trulia adds that while home prices have risen 10% year over year, listings from empty nesters are likely going to be attractive to younger buyers.

When Boomers downsize or relocate they seek more of what’s on their bucket lists: improved accessibility, organized activities, and a desire to be nearer to children and grandchildren, reports 2015.)

According to a 2015 survey of 6,000 adults by Merrill Lynch, Baby Boomers want more convenience and less maintenance, modern appliances, energy-efficient doors and windows, spacious kitchens, an open floor plan and light. One-story housing is top of the list. They want neighborhoods where they can walk, bike or take a golf cart to their nearby destinations. No matter where they choose to live—small town, inner-city or planned retirement community—they want immediate access to grocery markets, pharmacies, dry cleaners, gyms, hair salons and barber shops, gas stations, and more.

The professionals at Park Properties Realty can assist Boomers making a move. We know our neighborhoods, the amenities, the services, hospitals and highways. Ask us for input on selling your existing home and/or buying your perfect residence to spend your Boomer years comfortably.