Changing Places Like a Pro

Flip the channel to HGTV and you can binge-watch home remodeling shows that will enthuse and inspire you. The best part: projects of every proportion and scope are ready-set-and-even-staged in under an hour.

Once you’ve got the makeover bug, there is no cure. 

Earlier this year, I was honored by the Town of Winona Lake, Indiana for 2017 Best Remodel.

With the help of professional contractors, I’d transformed the family lake house into a waterside wonder. The 1940s beach bungalow where my sibs and I passed the summers was built like bungalows were back then—wood paneled walls, a sliver of a kitchen separated from the rest of the house, a bathroom that felt like an afterthought.

We vaulted the standard height ceiling in the kitchen, carried the cabinets upward to the new height and layered on task lighting, can lights and a narrow ceiling fan (specifically for tight spaces) to achieve a culinary space to make a chef proud. The cathedral ceilings carry into the main living space, now a great room that is the epicenter of the house. The space I’m most proud of is the kids’ bunk getaway with built-in beds that officially sleep three adults, but actually accommodate double that when the kiddos spread out. The clubhouse ambiance is, of course, nautical being that life in Winona is 100% pure water focused.

My love affair with DIY projects and whole-home facelifts is an asset I bring to my clients. I like nothing better than to brainstorm with buyers trying to visualize how to personalize their new address or determine where to spend their money on investment properties. An opinion by a professional third party (not your opinionated family member) can suddenly make a square peg look appealingly round. It’s like pulling back the curtain and realizing that you can get oohs and awes doing something entirely different than you thought you wanted to do.

Practically speaking, I can advise you on your overall plan and layout, recommend finishes and even contractors that might be able to help.   And if figuring out how to fund your new project is still on your mind, we partner with financial experts  who can walk you through the sensibility of a second mortgage, a refinance to pay for your upgrades or how to roll your improvement costs into your purchase financing.

The point is that I’m here to help you. I want you to enjoy a lifestyle at your new address that runs parallel with your plans to raise your family and grow your wealth. I want you to net the results of wise real estate investment now and on your next home purchase and the next.

Give me a call. Let’s talk about your next move!