Do-overs are wrong, right? And yet when it comes to real estate transactions, they’re all positive. Park Properties Realty has a higher than usual number of do-over clients—customers who return to Park Properties’ Real Estate Brokers repeatedly.

The reason?

We’re focused on achieving what the client seeks in a home purchase. When we accomplish that, they’re more than likely to rely on us for second and third home purchases whether they are mountain resort homes, a move up to a larger home for a growing family, downsizing for empty-nesters, or an investment property (or two.)

It’s not a coincidence. But in some cases, there are fewer than six degrees of separation in our repeat engagements. A thread runs through lifestyle choices that somehow attaches to real estate preferences.


On the cusp of 1980, I owned a little two-bedroom near Denver University. Then married, my husband’s business was in Littleton and emergency calls added up to 6 hours a weekend traveling back and forth to see patients. The smart decision was to move closer to the office to Columbine Country Club…into one of the first homes built in the golf course community.

We sold our DU-near home to the kids of a president…George Bush Sr. The buyers were Neil and his wife. They later obliged us by agreeing to be our dinner guests in the suburbs.

Years later when the Columbine home was up for sale, a call came in that would interrupt the day: A Realtor had clients who wanted to see our home. It was today or not at all. We agreed and were ready-set-go to leave the house when the Realtor showed up with her clients: the same Bush couple. In the end they bought elsewhere. But the repeat was coincidence at its core.

The sale of our office building recently (through Park Properties) went smoothly. When packaging up the historic documents the buyer might find interesting and/or necessary, I ran across an original assessor’s document that I’d had in my possession since buying the building 15 years earlier. I’d never taken the time to read it thoroughly. The chain of title was an original, dating back to the 1800’s. One document in the packet showed a list of partners owning the building for a decade or so. A name on that list jumped out at me: the Doctor who had owned the house I’d owned in Columbine…the same home I’d owned, where my kids had been toddlers-turned-preschoolers-turned-grade-schoolers.

Is it possible that buyers are attracted to the same type of real estate repeatedly? Is there an otherworldly dimension to taste? If it’s random, it’s got to be more than coincidence.

Circle round to the beginning of this true story: customers come back to Park Properties. We recommend you do too. It’s a small world after all.