Our Focus on Wellness Brings “Stay-Therapy”

Author:  Deb Miller

Remember the days when home theatre rooms were first popular?  People realized they were more satisfied from watching movies from the privacy of their own home versus a crowded theatre. It made sense. You could snack on foods you love vs. just candy. No worries about germs spreading. And you could pause the movie when you needed a break.

Homeowners had a renewed appreciation for doing other activities in or around the house instead of commuting to a medical office.

You have heard the term staycation; but what about “stay-therapy”? I coined this term to describe in-home (or at-work) physical therapy. I have received physical therapy treatments in the privacy of my own home for years. As I toured more homes with my real estate clients, I noticed that physical therapy rooms were the new in-home theatre.   

Out of the increasing trend toward health and wellness, when coupled with the desire to do activities close to home, the in-home physical therapy room was born. The kind of physical therapy I’m describing ranges from high school kids recovering from an injury, to athletes trying to up their game, to those of us like me who still play hard like we did in our 20s, and to those recovering from recent surgery. As someone who has been receiving physical therapy for years in places spanning from large therapy offices with many patients in the same room to the privacy of my home, I prefer stay-therapy hands down. 

There are many benefits of stay-therapy. Foremost is the convenience factor. With a busy schedule as a full-time working mom, it takes much less time for me to schedule in my therapy sessions when my commute time to the therapist’s office is eliminated. The result is a much more consistent routine. Second, there is improved one-on-one care. Countless times at larger clinics I experienced my therapist treating multiple patients simultaneously. Their focus and attention was distracted. Third, the experience is less stressful. I am more comfortable with therapy being administered in the privacy of my personal space than in front of a crowd. Fourth and not last, the results can be more impactful. I am better able to recall the steps in each exercise when my therapist demonstrates them in my own surroundings. That increases my likelihood of maintaining the prescribed exercises. 

Though I have been benefiting from in-home stay-therapy for some time, I don’t have a separate therapy room. Professional, traveling physical therapists will use what you have available or bring their own equipment. Doug Sarver, owner and physical therapist with CYA Physical Therapy Services, “Physical Therapy treatment provided in the patient’s home or workplace allows for a more thorough and personalized form of care that often results in quicker, longer lasting results.” Many including myself turn to professionals like Sarver for treatments.  If you are looking for a professional Colorado traveling therapist, call him at (509) 654-2183. 

The benefits of stay-therapy are the latest trend in home design. The next time I relocate, a personal therapy room will be on my list of must-haves.

For information on décor trends for “stay therapy” rooms, check out my blog at parkpropertiesrealty.com/blog/decor.  Deb Miller is a real estate professional and investor.  As the owner and managing broker of Park Properties Realty, she and her team have been helping their clients build wealth through real estate for decades.  She is also a landlord, contractor and award-winning designer. 

Bio on Doug Sarver

Doug Sarver, MSPT, CMP received his Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Neural Control from the University of Iowa in 1989 and his Master's Degree in Physical Therapy in 1991 from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa. After completing his graduate program, Doug was a Physical Therapist at Centura Rehabilitation in Southern Colorado for seven years, the last two of which he served as the Clinical Coordinator of Outpatient Rehabilitation. During his time in Colorado, Doug also spent two years as the physical therapist/trainer for a local high school. In 1998, Doug relocated to Yakima, WA. to join Pro-Motion Physical Therapy, where he worked for eight years. In 2006, Doug fulfilled a career goal of starting his own Physical Therapy private practice in Yakima – Peak Performance Sports & Spine. After 10 successful years in private practice, Doug relocated to Colorado in early 2016 to be closer to his family – especially his two young grandchildren. 

Doug has an extensive background in biomechanics, functional treatment techniques, and manual therapy, as well as expertise in the evaluation and design of custom foot orthotics.  He also provides biomechanical bike fit services to cyclists ranging from recreational to competitive levels.  Continuing education has always been a focus for Doug; he holds five advanced certifications: Certified Mulligan Practitioner, Certified ASTYM Provider, Full body certified Active Release Provider, SFMA Certified Provider and Functional Dry Needling Certified Provider.

Beyond physical therapy, Doug's interests include hiking, camping, biking, skiing and an occasional game of golf. Doug also holds a second-degree black belt in Shudokan Karate. He resides in Englewood, Colorado.