Washington Park Denver

Washington Park is a largely residential desirable neighborhood space covering 165 acres of grassy meadows full of summer activity. Begin your day by jogging or cycling around the winding trails of Washington Park looking over the lush flower gardens, and lakes. An elegant boathouse on the lake offers water activities with views of the park and the surrounding homes. If you are looking to join a sports league, you have found the right park. Wash Park is filled with back-to-back volleyball matches from morning until dusk covering the laws on summer weekends, you also have the option to layout your yoga mat to join the community for a nice yoga flow. Along with grass activities, Wash Park contains tennis and basketball courts. This communal location is perfect to take a break from the busy downtown, whether that is to shop the desirable boutiques on the outskirts of the park, attend an art or music festival or come and relax. Wash Park is a perfect place to meet people both during the summer and winter months. In the winter months, the park is great for sledding, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing. This park is here to entertain you year-round. Location is desirable, close to South Pearl Street, home to galleries, wine, and cocktail bars, and some of Denver's finest restaurants.  Houses near this park boast both contemporary and Victorian architecture and the majority of the homes have been renovated. You will find a variety of properties from single-family to duplexes and condos offering an urban-suburban mix feel.