We XOXO Our Pets!

Of course we love our pups.  We include them in our family portraits, dress them up for the holidays, and celebrate their birthdays with a special cake.  So, why not customize our home for them too?  Well, we are.  Pet suites are a growing trend. More than 79.8 million pet-owning households exist throughout the country and they are not forgotten in the home buying process.   If you thought it was hard enough to find an ideal master suite, look no further then into the eyes of Fido.  He/she loves the extra space. 

The latest in home pet amenities includes bathing/washing stations, water stations, automated feeders, electronic smart pet doors, over-sized bedding and plenty of cabinets for all of their toys and food. 

Managing your pup while selling

  1.  In the best case scenario, remove your dog from the property during showings.
    • Pets get nervous with change and around new people. 
    • Even pets that don’t normally bark will often bark during showings and distract the prospective homebuyers. 
    • Children accompanying parents on home tours nearly always try to play with a dog on site and thus distract their parents from truly focusing on the property.
  2. Clean the carpets before you put the home on the market.
  • Pet odor is a big deterrent in selling your home.  If the carpets cannot be cleaned, install new carpet and pad. 
  1. Clean the couch of any pet hair.
  • If a buyer loves your home, chances are good that they will sit on the couch to envision themselves living in the property.  Even pet lovers don’t want extra pet hair on their clothes.

When you’re ready to sell or buy a home and you have or plan to become a dog owner, ask our pros at Park Properties Realty for advice.