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What do first time buyers, growing families and experienced investors all have in common?  All need a real estate partner and advisor. Leveraging real estate to build wealth isn’t only for big time players, it’s for everyone.  Smart investing starts early and keeps on building.  No matter where you sit financially, it is never too late or too early to add real estate to your investment portfolio.  What are the best investment options and where do you begin? Enter Park Properties Realty. Whether you are purchasing your first home, down-sizing or selling your last, you’ll  want a professional who can guide you through the ever-changing landscape of your personal real estate portfolio. Our team of experienced brokers specializes in a variety of property types including condominiums, multi-family dwellings, neighborhood strip centers, motels, neighborhood storefronts and urban mixed-use developments throughout the Denver area. We are knowledgeable in 1031 Exchanges, maximizing your rental cash flow and determining the optimal time to buy or sell. We have become the go-to brokerage for customized real estate investment solutions.

Park Properties Realty will help you build wealth through real estate, so you can live the Colorado lifestyle you desire.

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  • One House, Two House

    Leveraging equity in your existing home is often the simplest and least expensive option when buying a second home, according to, the financial website known to recommend choices selected by full-time analysists and staff writers. According to, tapping into home equity instead of your standing assets allows you to fund home purchases at a discounted rate while your property and remaining assets continue to appreciate in value. You achieve a lower interest rate than with a personal loan, and you don't have to divert money from existing investments. Home equity financing allows you to tap into a part of your net worth that is otherwise difficult to utilize.


  • Income Property That Works While You Sleep

    I tripped over the most romantic mountain home for sale on and fell instantly in love. It was as if Ralph Lauren and Ted Turner intersected at this very property hundreds of miles removed…from anything. This could be the perfect income property, renting it to guests through one of the several vacation websites, I mused.


  • Typecasting Real Estate

    Real Estate Investment has as many options as If you’re positioning to become a landlord, the first step is due diligence.