Videos Tell The Step-by-Step Process to Buy

  • Pilot Episode of your Home Purchase

    Julie and Hannah, two fictitious characters, will take you through a real-life scenario of purchasing your first home. Sit back and enjoy some laughs while you learn about what it takes to purchase your first dream home.

  • Pros + Cons of Buying

    Hannah learns that buying her first home means she is on track to building a portfolio that can underwrite her lifestyle. Hannah learns that the downside is that she’ll have to invest time in the ongoing maintenance of her new home. Is that really a downside? Or just another way to make more money? Find out what Hannah decides.

  • Finding the Perfect Realtor

    Hannah learns the importance of having a trusted, professional real estate advisor on her side. With market dynamics changing quickly, she realizes how critical it is to have just the Realtor on her team.

  • Setting Your Price Range

    If you went to college, you understand that room and board are in addition to tuition. The same goes for home ownership. Enjoy as we take Hannah through the math to identify a the purchase price that doesn’t keep her awake nights wondering how she’ll make ends meet. You won’tneed coffee either.

  • Finding Your Dream Home

    The right property is not just about location. Yes, location matters, but so does price point and curb appeal. Watch Hannah as she refines her search with the help of our experts. Don’t waste time looking at homes that are out of price range or don’t meet your personal bucket list.

  • Closing

    Hannah learns about the steps involved in closing on her home purchase.