Park Life

According to VISIT DENVER, The Mile High City boasts more than 5,000 acres of traditional parks and parkways, which include 2,500 urban natural acres and over 300 acres of parks designated Rivers & Trails, plus an additional 14,000 acres of spectacular mountain parks in Clear Creek, Douglas, Grand and Jefferson County that are maintained by the City and County of Denver. 

Your day-to-day needs are simple. We know that what you really want is to stroll through the park after dinner, watch the kids play, throw a  ball around with your four-legged friend, or maybe shoot some hoops. Our search results get you there. We’ll show you the distance to the parks nearest to the homes on your list so you’ll know how many steps it takes to get there.

Find Dog Friendly Parks

Locate your neighborhood and click on the "PAW" to find the dog park nearest to you. If you don’t see your favorite dog park, please let us know!

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  • We XOXO Our Pets!

    Of course we love our pups.  We include them in our family portraits, dress them up for the holidays, and celebrate their birthdays with a special cake.  So, why not customize our home for them too?  Well, we are.  Pet suites are a growing trend. More than 79.8 million pet-owning households exist throughout the country and they are not forgotten in the home buying process.   If you thought it was hard enough to find an ideal master suite, look no further then into the eyes of Fido.  He/she loves the extra space. 


  • Just Asking For A Friend

    Let’s say I’m asking this for a friend.

    My friend plans a camping trip to Colorado’s High Country when his sister and brother-in-law fly into visit him next week. My friend mentioned that they planned to stay the weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park. They are prepared with the Big Agnes Copper Hotel UL Ultralight Backpacking Tent, Sea To Summit Ember EB II sleeping bags rated for 25-degrees, and even the Adventure Medical Kit Mountain Series Hiker Medical Kit from REI.