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Check out our library of the best in real estate education, How-To’s, tips and trends. We’ll show you step by step, how to make a purchase or sell your current home. Need info about your home inspection or a great new design idea? We got you covered from A to Z.

Videos Tell The Step-by-Step Process to Buy

  • Buyer Browsing

  • Pilot Episode of your Home Purchase

    Julie and Hannah, two fictitious characters, will take you through a real-life scenario of purchasing your first home. Sit back and enjoy some laughs while you learn about what it takes to purchase your first dream home.

  • Pros + Cons of Buying

    Hannah learns that buying her first home means she is on track to building a portfolio that can underwrite her lifestyle. Hannah learns that the downside is that she’ll have to invest time in the ongoing maintenance of her new home. Is that really a downside? Or just another way to make more money? Find out what Hannah decides.